Welcome to ShinGrins. We've got you covered.

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Welcome to ShinGrins. We provide state-of-the-art shin protection for active seniors and health enthusiasts.

ShinGrins are amazingly lightweight shin guards that wrap effortlessly around delicate shin areas to provide maximum protection all day long. 

ShinGrins Seniors

ShinGrins Seniors is a protective device designed to prevent wounds, skin tears and bruises to the lower leg. The device was designed with the elderly population in mind.  Seniors are at a higher risk for lower leg injuries due to fragile and aging skin, impaired circulation, subcutaneous tissue loss, epidermal thinning and poor skin elasticity.  Once a lower leg injury occurs, complications such as infection, delayed healing and chronic pain arise.  

ShinGrins Seniors are not just for seniors!   This featherweight shinguard is designed to be worn during all types of exercise - protecting the lower leg from bumps and bruises during strenuous indoor and outdoor workouts. ShinGrins cares for the external quality of your legs while you work hard to improve your muscles, ligaments, and bones.

Active Senior or Workout Superstar, damage to your sensitive lower leg areas can create complications, leading to increased medication usage, more frequent hospital visits, and limitations to the daily lifestyle you enjoy. 


ShinGrins aim to prevent such complications from ever occurring.  ShinGrins are made from a stretch polyester that make them easy to apply and comfortable to wear.  The device contains a shock absorbing material that keeps your lower legs safe from injury.