• Size - The ShinGrins are made to be worn right at the ankle to prevent slipping down. The size of the shin protectors are: 12 inches long from top to bottom. Across the top it measures 12 inches and can be adjusted with the velcro strap to up to 18 inches. Across the bottom (by the ankle) it measures 7 inches and can be adjusted up to 12 inches with the velcro strap.

Shin Protector
  • Care- The ShinGrins shin protector are hand wash with mild soap and line dry.

  • Protection - Our product provides the ultimate in shin protection for active people and wearers of all ages.The ShinGrins shin protector, when properly worn and secured around the leg, will provide impact absorption against hard objects such as furniture, doors, walls and floors. They are worn resting right down on the ankle so they don't slip. They can be worn over a long thin stocking or over pants.

  • Health - Lower leg injuries often lead to infections, delayed healing and chronic pain in older adults. Older adults are particularly susceptible to delayed healing due to age, poor nutritional status, medication use, and disease states. ShinGrins is a smart way to help prevent lower extremity trauma to skin.

  • Cost Effective - A single lower leg wound, skin tear or bruise can lead to a number of expensive medical treatments. Prevention of lower extremity trauma with ShinGrins means fewer doctor visits and dressing changes, less money spent on oral and topical medications and operating room visits.

Usa Made Shin Protection Product