Doug A.., Canada:  "After a bad shin bruise and hematoma, I was advised to protect my shin from any further damage for 3-4 weeks.  Shingrins was the answer.  It is light-weight and easy to put on and remove.  Stays in place when active."

A. G..,  Huntington Beach, CA:  "I am so excited to have found Shingrins. I am an active senior and I skin my knee at least 3 or 4 times a year, often needing to take an antibiotic for healing. It only happens on my left leg.
Thank you!! "

M. D..,  Palm Desert, CA:  "I love them and am delighted at how lightweight they are and comfortable."

J.E..,  Glendale, MA:  "Now I can work in my gardens again without getting battered and bruised!". 

N. C..,  U.K:  "I have worn them while clearing a one acre lot with a streamer and metal bladed brush cutter. Not only are they comfortable but I feel comfortable that I am less at risk".    

J. B.., FLA:  "They are a blessing, I feel so safe with them on.  They are amazing!".

B.C..,  Eufaula, OK:   " They work perfectly.  They are a big relief to us on not having to worry so much about injury to his legs. Thank you so very much".  

R.M.., N.Y.:  I have been using your ShinGrins faithfully and am very satisfied with your product and they give me confidence and peace as I do my daily activities".  

J.H..., Boise, ID.:  "I surprised my wife with her new ShinGrins. She's wearing them now while doing a "shin sensitive" project outside. she is confident these protectors will do the trick."

J.F.., N.Y.:  "These are just what I needed. They are an answer to a prayer!".

R.W.., MA.:  "My wife has disabilities from a stroke that cause her to bump into things frequently tearing her thin skin. Thankfully I found ShinGrins which provide the protection she needs. They are comfortable and she is happy to wear them. I am very pleased to have found ShinGrins.” 

E. B..,: “I love the fit and comfortability. I did some hiking and absolutely love them. They offer me more protection then my slip on shin sleeves and the are much more comfortable and adjustable”.

B.W..,: “ My Mom has ShinGrins and she loves them. She has very fragile skin and heals slowly. Thank you so much for a great product. “