The Lighter Side of ShinGrins - Let's Keep Smiling!

Introducing Bubba Babbalinsky - our newest spokesperson for ShinGrins.

Bubba came to the ShinGrins team with an interesting idea. 'Why not form a Seniors basketball team, take it on the road, and make sure every member of the team is outfitted with ShinGrins.' Well, although our wonderfully wacky Bubba is just a figment of our collective imagination, we thought you'd like to tune in from time to time to read more about Bubba's exploits. A complete Bubba expose is planned. . .!!

Mimi Mojesky has just been added to our animated Board of Advisors.

Marvelous Mimi took up ballet last year but kept bumping into things around the studio. Her BFF (Best Female Friend) suggested she order two ShinGrins to give her shins time to heal and to prevent further injury. Just look at Mimi now, happy and healthy and the official ShinGrins Diva of the Ballet Studio. You go girl. . .!